I am Ana Eugénio, a Mystic healer, a Reiki Master/Teacher since 2004 and a Karuna Master/Teacher since 2005. I'm the Founder of the Lightning The Soul project. I'm a soulpreneur on a mission: to empower your Self-awareness by providing healing sessions to work your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth!

the leap of faith that brought me here was when I answered an ad, in 1996, and moved across the country to go live my dream. I built my life there. until I jumped into the holistic world in 2003, after practising Raja Yoga and Buddhist meditation for a year, and turned my Life upside down!

started learning Reiki after a spiritual breakthrough, then Karuna, then many more healing Energy systems followed. quit my corporate job in 2004, jumped into the unknown without no savings, a mortgage and all the bills a life, a kitten and a home implies! and the next weekend I was teaching my first Reiki class with four attendees, from a wee ad I had placed one single day on a newspaper! and I rebuilt my life.

then, in 2008, my body became ill and I had to leave everything behind and focus mainly on distant healing. I am a teacher at heart who loves to help people who want to heal their Life, what fulfils me the most is to help you to open your wings!  


p.s. my "kitten" is now a healthy 14 years old female cat who doesn't leave my side. she is my furry Angel and my Life companion. when my sister told me her cat was pregnant I said I wanted a female (because are usually the ones less adopted) and four kittens were born: three males and one female. we were meant for each other since the beginning.